The Organizational and Emotional Maturity Index (OEMI) is a 360-degree instrument that compares self and others' perceptions of behaviors critical for executive success. The survey content is based on the same behavioral categories featured in our executive assessments: Problem-Solving, Personality Traits, Interpersonal Skills and Managerial Style. Individuals receive clear, specific feedback on others' perceptions of their strengths and developmental needs. In addition to examining differences between self and others' ratings, results can also be compared to normative data collected from a broad sample of executives. The OEMI is easy to administer and can be taken online. It is an excellent tool for guiding personal development and gaining better insight into your impact and how others perceive you. The OEMI is also effective for teambuilding efforts because the results give members a clearer understanding of how their different strengths and weaknesses blend together.

Please feel free to contact any of our consultants for more specific information regarding each survey. We are confident that you will be impressed with the information and insights provided by the results of each of these surveys.

The Hallenbeck™

The Hallenbeck™ is a self-survey of tendencies in key categories of leadership behavior. Within each category, individuals can gauge where they fall along a broad spectrum. For example, individuals get clear feedback on whether their problem-solving skills are more strongly oriented towards factual or conceptual problems or a blend of the two. A unique behavioral profile is generated for each individual, complete with specific performance recommendations. Results can be compared to an ideal profile of behaviors that we have identified for high-performing executives based on our years of research. The results give individuals a better understanding of their behavioral style in the workplace and its impact on performance.

Furthermore, individuals can compare their own profile to those of their teammates to gain a better insight into how to balance their similarities and differences. We see The Hallenbeck as a valuable alternative to the Myers-Briggs survey; the items on The Hallenbeck are more closely focused on workplace behaviors and the categories tap into important areas of executive responsibility. The results are much more applicable to the day-to-day challenges faced by executives than the more general scope of the Myers-Briggs personality assessment.